I wonder what they are doing now…


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Have ever finished a book and wondered what happened with the characters after the ending?  Are they still together? Did they break up?  

Here are the ten(ish) characters I would love to catch up with again.

1 & 2.) Bella & Edward from Twilight: I would love to know where they are living now. Who they are hanging out with. 

 3 & 4.) Cath & Levi from Fangirl: Two of my favorite characters from any Rainbow Rowell book. I would love to see how their relationship is blooming. Does Cath still write fan ficition? I need answers.

5 & 6.) Amy & Roger from Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour: Amy & Roger went on this epic detour and started this relationship. Did they make the long distance work? Did they stay together?

7-10.) Every single character from Harry Potter: I know we got an epilogue, I still want to know what is going on with everyone. How are the children loving Hogwarts?  Have they changed the world again?

Who do you want to check in with?

– Jennifer

One thought on “I wonder what they are doing now…

  1. I’m with you on the HP characters. I want to know what ALL of them are doing now. I think there are LOTS more HP adventures to be had — J.K. Rowling just needs to write a spin-off series. Or two. Or three.

    Happy TTT!


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