Books N Blogger Goodies

Hey guys! I’m alive, just barely. My new job has been taking a toll on me. I think I have finally got into a new schedule. Thanks for bearing with me! 
Today’s post is my Books N Blogger show off.  The wonderful ladies over at CG Swaps hosted their thrice-yearly book swap. 
I got partnered with Kristen over at Pretty Little Pages.  Kristen and I have started to become blogging besties. When I saw she was my partner, I was ecstatic. She is such a wonderful person! Go check out her page. Now let’s see what she got me!
Here is the package when it got to my door. I love the fact that she used some special tape. 




All my goodies, wrapped  up so pretty. 


All my news goodies. I have been reading Dead Until Dark like crazy. 

Thank you Kristen for my amazing package! 
Thank you Beth and Angie for another successful swap. 
– Jennifer

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