Questions You Should Ask Yourself part IV

As fast as my unemployment ended, is about how fast it started up again. My latest work contract ends on May 22nd meaning I get to spend time with this cutie. Thanks for being so patient with me. 

It’s been a bit since I’ve introduced myself to you fine people. I thought that today felt like a good day.  It’s time for part IV of my Questions to ask yourself series. 

Check out Parts I, II, & III

If you end up doing any of these questions, let me know so I can check them out.

31} What are you not made for?

Glass. I’m not made of glass. 

32} What secret would you never want your partner to find out?

I feel like if I say something, then it wouldn’t be a secret. That defeats the purpose of a secret.

33} Name 3 things you don’t want people to know about you.

Why would I tell people, if I don’t want them knowing. Instead I’m going to list three random facts. 

1. I have a major phobia of elevators. I refuse to ride an elevator if there are more than four people in it. 

2.  When I was growing up, I wanted to be the president’s mailman. How awesome would that be? (Check out this post about it)

3. I’ve always wished that music would randomly start playing whenever I walked into a room.  

34} Why do you think your friends like you?

Because I am so awesome. I would say that it is because I am super fun to hang out. Come back Wednesday and see what they have to say about me. 

35} How similar is your facebook-self to your real-self?

Since my facebook self is mainly pictures of the pup, I would say they are very similar. 

36} What is the most annoying thing about your partner?

He snores so bad. And I’m a light sleeper so if he falls asleep before me. I can’t sleep.

37} Why do you publish things on the internet?

Because I can. It’s more a way for me to get my thoughts out there. The innerworkings of a female mind is hard to figure out. I thought that this way I can try and clear it up. 

38} Do you have a hobby?

Reading and coach in soccer. Since soccer season is over, it’s mainly reading right now.

39} What was the last thing you searched for on Pinterest?

My best friend just got engaged. Since pinterest wasn’t really around when I was planning my wedding, we’ve been pinning her wedding. It is so addicting. 

40} Who’s Facebook inbox would you love to read?

Any of the Sounders. How awesome would it be to see what other people say to them. 

Hope you got a better insight into my mind. 

– Jennifer

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