Tragically Broken || Book Tour

Book Information:
Title: Tragically Broken
Author: N.J. Danner
Published Date: March 1, 2015 (second edition) *Original edition published April 2014*
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:
Tragedy destroyed Alex Kohen’s life, until fate offered her a chance to escape her nightmares and possibly find love…
Beautiful, compassionate Dr. Alex Kohen had the perfect life – until, in an instant, it was tragically ripped from her. Plagued by her demons, Alex moves to a new city and devotes herself to her work and her patients. But her secrets continue to haunt her, making her afraid to build a future outside of her career. Convinced that her heart is irreparably broken, Alex has closed herself off to the possibility of love.
That is, until she meets sexy, confident Kellen Rhion ­– a wealthy CEO with a reputation as the ultimate playboy. Kellen, plagued by personal tragedies of his own, knows from the moment they meet that Alex is the woman he wants. And with patient determination, he slowly begins to break down her long-fortified defenses.
Although they meet under tragic circumstances, out of that catastrophe is born a connection that neither can deny. And despite the challenges of their demanding and busy careers, Alex and Kellen find the time to nurture their growing relationship. They struggle through obstacle after obstacle, including Kellen’s celebrity lifestyle and Alex’s emotional baggage.
But after Kellen’s supposed betrayal and brush with death, can Alex really trust him with her heart? And can Kellen accept that she will always, in a way, be broken?
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About the Author
If you have already read my book, then you have already seen into part of my soul. Each of my characters is a part of me. They each have some aspect of my personality, or represent who I wish I could be or would hate to be.

I have always been an avid reader, even as a child, and I’ve always loved to get lost in a good book. Reading a book would take over my life, and at times it still does. It is my addiction. Once I start a book, I cannot put it down until I know the end of the story … which may be a few books later. Same thing with writing – once the story pops into my head, I obsess about it until I have it down on paper. I have notes on scenes all over. Some have already been developed into a book, and some are waiting for the rest of the storyline to be written in order to find their journey and see where it ends.  

For a decade, or more, I had to put all that creativity on hold while I dedicated my life to my professional career and creating my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and two angelic children.  Supporting and nurturing them is now my number one priority. 
Once my life reached a stable point, I was finally able to find time to rekindle my love of books. Twilight took me by storm, which then catapulted me to Fifty Shades of Grey. “It all started with a vampire who was replaced by a man with a whip.” Reading tales written by my favorite authors reignited my own creativity, my mind wandered into stories of my own, and now, amazingly, I am an author.  
When my time is not consumed watching my daughter dance or my son play hockey, spending time with my husband, or working, I am lost in either reading a good book or writing. Disney World is my respite and I love all things Mickey. My family and friends are incredible people and support me in all that I do. I have learned that life is too short, and we have to take time to enjoy its simple pleasures.

Website * Facebook * Twitter

“Dance with me?” Kellen extended his hand.
“Seriously? To this? I can’t Irish dance.” She shook her head.
Ignoring her protests, Kellen stood and pulled her into his arms. They seemed to fit perfectly together, her nestling easily just below his chin. He guided her through the complicated moves, twirling her expertly. Alex was pleasantly surprised to find that Kellen was quite obviously a practiced dancer. No longer able to contain the happiness that had been building throughout the day, she started laughing – a real laugh, something she had not done in a long time.
Kellen pulled her close with a sparkle in his eyes. In the privacy of the balcony, there was only one thing he could do at that moment; he leaned in and softly pressed his lips to hers.
With the alcohol buzzing through her system, Alex couldn’t think clearly enough to push him away, and truthfully, she didn’t know if she could have done so even with complete control of her faculties. He was an amazing kisser, and Alex’s breasts soon grew heavy with arousal, waves of heat shooting to her lower belly. His tongue softly caressed her lips, but she felt it in her most private parts. A moan escaped her, and Kellen’s onslaught became more aggressive. His hands gripped her small waist as if he feared she was an illusion.
Alex reached up to touch his tousled hair, as she had been yearning to do all night. It was as soft as she had imagined, like silk, and Kellen released an involuntary gasp of pleasure as she threaded her fingers through it. She could feel his hard length against her and leaned into it, craving the pleasure he could bring her.
Kellen ran his long fingers down the side of Alex’s face, her neck, her collarbone. When he reached her breasts, she froze. No one had touched her this way in years, and though she desperately wanted to continue, she knew she needed to stop. As gently as she could, she stepped back, resisting further advances. Understanding her intent, Kellen pulled her into an embrace; she rested her head on his chest, inhaling his scent.
After a moment, she pulled back far enough to look up at him. “I’m sorry, Kellen. This has been an amazing night, but I have to go. I have to work tomorrow. Thank you for dinner and…well…thank you.”
Kellen took her hand. “Let me see you home.”
“That’s really not necessary.” Alex, who had been living alone in the city for four years, was more than capable of getting home by herself.
“My grandmother raised me well, and she would roll over in her grave if I didn’t make sure you got home safely.” Kellen smiled, knowing she wouldn’t resist when he put it that way.









Book Tour || Icarus Falling

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Book Information:
Title: Icarus Falling
Author: Christopher Paul Meyer
Published Date: 12/22/14
Genres: Memoir
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services/CreateSpace

Book Description:
The true story of a failed actor, who – still tantalized by the promise of LA – reinvents himself as a nightclub bouncer. Working both downtown and on the Sunset Strip, he is thrust into the bloodstream of LA. Amidst the unending parade of strung-out transients, shimmering miniskirts, enraged gangbangers and unhinged party people, he avenges his history of cowardice, atones for his past infidelities and tries to become something better than another Hollywood casualty.
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I was bleeding confidence. Yeah, yeah, I told myself that I had nothing to lose confidence about – I had been outnumbered, I had made a defensible decision to grapple instead of brawl and, hey, I had won — but I was already dreading going back to the Sunset Strip. I worked in an environment where I had to put my hands on someone every night. Do that long enough and it gets real hard to walk away untouched. And for what? We weren’t cops or corrections officers or soldiers or feds. We were just check marks on a liability insurance policy. Nobody on the Strip was bouncing for God or country. I mean, this wasn’t Afghanistan. I wasn’t hunting bad guys in the Hindu Kush like a lot of my old classmates were. I was just making $13/hr to deal with the fallout from drunk people’s fantasies. It was so damn meaningless.
Or was it?
I felt her warm, naked ass press against me as the hot water spilled over us. The hot women and the cool job. The sex and the drama. It was the life that I’d wanted. It was a life I owed to the club. Sure, I could leave it all behind, but that felt too much like failure and I’d failed enough in LA already. LA owed me. LA was like this beautiful painting that I could only see after hours through the museum window. It was like a Firebird blasting some catchy tune until the light turns green and it speeds off, leaving me stuck with Katy Perry in my head the rest of the day. LA had promised me a lot and it had paid off very fucking little. I wasn’t leaving until I had collected. I wasn’t leaving until LA finished remaking me into someone better than who I was when I got here.
So I did something I hadn’t done since I first got to LA. I prayed. I prayed for just enough strength, stamina and health to stay a little while longer in the black lights and wallow in the adrenaline bath. I hoped God was cool with it. But even if He wasn’t, I didn’t care. After all, if He had been doing His job, I should have been a fucking movie star by now.

Author Bio:
Christopher Paul Meyer writes noir and nonfiction. He is a former bouncer, comic, soldier, firefighter, actor and prison chaplain. In addition to Icarus Falling, he has written five screenplays, three of which were optioned and/or commissioned. When not writing, he enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, improv comedy and political rants delivered in an angry mumble at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.
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Book Tour || In The Land of Shiva

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Shiva Front Cover 
Book Information:
Title: In The Land Of Shiva
Author: James O’Hara
Published Date:  June 10, 2014
Genres: Memoir
Publisher: Leandros Publishing

 Book Description:
When Brother Jim leaves his comfortable life teaching in Catholic high schools and travels to India, he finds himself unprepared for the challenges he faces.
His assigned task is to start his religious order in that country, but as he immerses himself in a land of unfamiliar customs and ancient religious traditions, he soon discovers that his mission has become deeply personal. Brother Jim questions not only all his vows, but his deepest beliefs.
As he travels across India and encounters holy men, thieves, rabid monkeys, and genuinely good-hearted people of all backgrounds, he realizes that the religion of his upbringing is but one of many paths to spirituality, and a sometimes oppressive one at that. On the eve of celebrating twenty-five years as a brother, Jim must decide what he truly holds as important and how he wants to live the rest of his life.
India and Nepal, with all their clamor, fascination, and surprises, come alive on every page in this unusual memoir set in the ‘80s.
Purchase here or here

Chapter: The Pull of Gravity
(Setting – a small residential compound in the Indian countryside.)
As I sat reading under a tree at the compound gate—a slight breeze seemingly my only companion—a young man appeared. Not more than eighteen or nineteen, he carried a sickle in his rough hands and stopped directly in front of me to stare. I stood to acknowledge him, and took note of the gray string that crossed his chest diagonally and indicated that he had observed a “coming of age” ritual. A small patch of skin under the cord had lost pigmentation, and his hair was freshly wet and slicked back, making me imagine he had just cooled himself at a local well.
He eyed me steadily and smiled in response to my own hesitant smile. Shall I speak to him? Or is it better to say nothing than have a frustrating half-conversation?
“Namaste,” I said, and he repeated the greeting. He unabashedly looked me up and down, staring intently wherever my light skin was exposed. No Westerners visited that remote region and I must have been a curiosity to him. Uncomfortable with my body being an object of scrutiny, I decided to speak. “What is your name?” I asked in Hindi, and he replied with the name of the village down the road. Evidently my pronunciation left a lot to be desired. “What are you doing?” I asked and was pleased that I understood his response. “Cutting grass for the cows.”
We stood silently for several minutes not saying anything else. He continued to stare at me and I found myself doing the same in return. In fact, I wanted to reach out and touch him and find out if his brown skin actually was softer—as I imagined—than my own pale covering. But I didn’t. It would be presumptuous of me to touch him, maybe defiling his caste.
He gracefully shifted his weight to his other leg, then said something animatedly and laughed—so I laughed also. After another moment or two, he nodded in my direction and took off down the road. As I watched him walk away, his bare feet adjusting to the contours of the road, his arms swinging at his side and his whole body fluidly moving through space, I was simultaneously in awe of him and jealous of him.
That night I lay on my cot, tossing in the still, hot air inside the mosquito net. At midnight, sleep still had eluded me. A bath would help, so I pushed back the mosquito net and headed for the well. Someone had left a kerosene lamp by the door but lighting it would give off too much heat, so I counted on moonlight to illuminate the path. I headed down the dirt path, past the banana trees, and came upon the well in a small clearing. Frogs croaked in the well, but were momentarily silent when I dropped the bucket. I pulled up cool water, and took my time cascading it over my chest and each limb—slow-motion ablutions. I poured a second bucketful on my head, feeling the rivulets snake their way down my body. The water made my shorts cling to me, but I would change into a dry pair. On the way back to my room, a slight breeze that I didn’t know was astir cooled me.
Sliding out of my wet shorts and fumbling in the dark for dry ones, for a fraction of a second I saw myself in suit and tie teaching mathematics. Not much more than a year ago that was the only life I knew, a very different one from the present. Then, I was someone not yet introduced to mosquito nets and bathing by moonlight, someone who didn’t know the pleasure of an evening breeze against his chest, who knew of cobras and monkeys only from visits to the zoo. In short, someone out of touch with his body and removed from nature.
Trussed up in my white shirt and tie, I had had the security of knowing what my task was each day, but I hadn’t been connected to the earth. I had solved quadratic equations in my mind but not felt my bare feet walking a dirt path to the well. India, however, was changing that. She was forcing me into my body more and more each day—and it felt good. Gravity, it seemed, pulled harder in India.


Author Bio:
Born in Milwaukee, WI, at age 18 O’Hara joined the Catholic order of Brothers who taught at his high school. As a Brother for almost 30 years, O’Hara taught math at both the secondary and college levels, and in his late ‘30s volunteered to travel to India to establish a branch of his religious order there. After seven years in India and Nepal, he returned to the States, left the Brothers, and became a massage therapist and massage instructor. In addition to doing bodywork, he has also become a certified dream worker. He makes his home in Berkeley, CA. His time in India and Nepal took him from immersion in religion to a place “beyond religion.”

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Blog Tour || Future’s Edge


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 Book Information:
Title: Future’s Edge (a Triology)
Author: Mort Herman
Published Date:  September 25, 2014
Genres: Science Fiction / Fantasy


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Book Description:
Most people do not carry the fate of the world on their shoulders. Sam Greenhut does.
By the year 2230, the world is no longer dependent on fossil fuels. All power is harnessed directly from the Earth’s core. A clever integration of neural technology and wireless energy gives rise to the Global Network (GNET), revolutionizing society. Diverse industries operate efficiently under the umbrella of a neurally connected world economy, powered by an unlimited geothermal fuel supply controlled not by Presidents, Sheikhs nor Monarchs, but by a Corporate Federation run by seven individuals.
This is the state of the world when the Corporate Federation charges Sam Greenhut with ensuring GNET’s unquestioned reliability and integrity.
Sam sees a world whose population is totally dependent on GNET, as if the previously admired trait of self-reliance was weaned from the gene pool. Inevitably, the insatiable demand for energy prompts a reckless decision by Corporate Federation board members to expand the geothermal energy lattices. Despite Sam’s protest, the choice to exceed the cautionary “Greenhut Limits” precipitate a string of earthquakes that destroy GNET and plunges the planet into the chaos known as “The Upheaval.”
What happens next fundamentally alters the destiny of the planet and catapults Sam into the center of The Seed – book one in my science fiction trilogy, Future’s Edge.

My thoughts:
– This is my second time adventuring into Sci-fi type of books and I’m beginning to think that they are not for me. Overall, this is was a good book for someone that likes Sci-fi books. However, I just couldn’t get into it. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes sci-fi or adventure. Like I said, this was a decent book and I am glad that I read it. 


Blog Tour || Choices

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 Book Information:

Title: Choices

Author: J.L. McFadden

Published Date:  January 21st 2015

Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Displaying Choices.jpg


This book is written in such away that it can be read as a stand alone or after the first book of the series- The Guardian. After so much more loss Adela finds herself in the middle of a love triangle and the fight for the head of Covens.

Adela and John both have their fair share of choices to make. Adela must think of her coven, but at the same time she feels a burning desire for her great, great niece’s Guardian John. She is torn because though fate has blessed her great, great niece with a Guardian that is connected to her by Mother Earth to protect her from anything, she keeps rejecting him. John is torn between the woman he is fated to and Adela. He fears that it is Adela’s powers of seduction that is tempting him. He feels a desire to protect Gala, but also feels a yearning for Adela. At the same time Adela must search for the secret journal known as the Guardian journal and protect those she loves from the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Goodreads * Amazon * B&N

My thoughts:
 – What made me want to read and review this book was the fact that it’s outside of my comfort zone of genres. I’ve very big into YA books and lighter adult novels. There was something appealing about this. I am so glad that I adventured out of my comfort zone.
– I was at a little disadvantage since I didn’t read the first book in this series before I read this book. But honestly, it wasn’t even a factor. It was easy to follow.
– It was nice to see a book about vampires written so well. The last good series was the Sooki Stackhouse series. Check it out. 

Author’s Bio 
Displaying author-pic.jpg
J.L McFadden is the Author of the Guardian Series: Guardian, released,Adela,release in September, Chooses, release in May 2014, Adela’s Lost Guardian, March, more to be named at a later date. McFadden spins tragedy and romance into all of his stories with picturesque descriptions that vividly paints and melts the scenes into your pleasure cortex that is a valid and important part of every readers mind. 😉 Jamie Lee was born in a mixed Celtic and Slavic family in the river valleys of Pennsylvania, in his earlier years he played in bands in New York and ended up working his way into H.Q of the largest musical retailer in the world Guitar Center; while working at the store level he managed multiple departments at once and handled all the stores merchandising logistics. He has explored the world and became the first American to be excepted into the Interregional Federation of Aikido Aikikai of Crimea & Sevastopol, where he enjoys learning from great masters from around the world, where he has developed his himself. He explains that the people rich and colorfully different people he has met, spawned a lot of his characters.
Author links:
  • $30 Amazon Gift Card + all 3 books in the series in paperback
  • 2x $5 Amazon Gift card + all three books in ebook format

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Blogger Friends Diaries


Happy Wednesday aka Blogger Friend Diaries linkup day. 
For a little recap. We want to get to know the person behind the blog, from someone who knows you the best. Your BFF. Each month we will give you a series of questions that your BFF answers about you. It doesn’t have to be the same friend each month. Just someone that can give us the juicy details. We all caught up? Good.
Let’s get this party started. My BFF Cortney is back for another edition of Blogger friends diaries.  (To see what she said about me last time, check it out here)


This is my best friend Cortney. We met when we were in second grade.  Let’s see what she has to say about me this month. 

1.) What is something they do that drives you crazy?
-Always posting about sports on Facebook. Lol. I know she’s loves all things Seattle sports related (Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners), but I don’t always need a play by play of every game.  (If you were on my twitter yesterday, you might have noticed this. Sorry but not sorry)
2.) Which movie/TV friendship are you?
-Rory Gilmore (me) and Lane Kim (Jennifer) from Gilmore Girls. I feel like I was always more serious and focused, while she has always been more free spirited and fun. (See this is one of the reasons I love her, Gilmore Girls is my favorite show)
3.)  Who would you pick to play each of you in a movie about your friendship?
-Hmmm, I think I would be played by Anna Kendrick, and Jennifer would be played by Hayden Panettiere. (I am a-okay with that. I love both of them)
4.) What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
– My favorite memory with Jennifer is probably…spending a week at her house in the summer when we were probably 15/16 (?), watching Coyote Ugly for the 10th time, playing Disney Scene-It and secretly inviting boys over the hang out. Oh, and passing around our stuffed lizard named JAC. (Those were some fun times….until I got in trouble)
5.) What is her best quality?
– Jennifer’s best quality is her genuineness. She has always been exactly who she is without being fake or pretending to be something she’s not. I always know that she will be honest and real with me no matter what.

Can’t wait to see what your BFF says about you. Link up here or at Love, Kelly  Lorene



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Friday iPhone Dump

Happy Friday Ya’ll!
Kelly and I are heading to Shania Twain tonight! Hope everyone has a good weekend! A few pictures to get everyone excited for the weekend! Time for a little iPhone dump from the last week or so! 

 I think Stella is the most excited that I am home. I woke up the other morning to this cute face. 
Sometimes at a Sounders game, you need to spray paint your hair. 
Our best friends joined us for the Sounders game. 
This is my picture of us. My college roommate and her six year old son. 
When you are in a lighthouse, you must take a selfie. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Update & Blogger Friend Diaries Questions

Memorial Day Weekend 2015: Oregon Coast

Hey Guys!
I’m back! I know it’s been a while since I have been here so it’s time for a quick update. 

I started a short term work contract back in April. It was suppose to lead to full time but instead I’m currently unemployed. For circumstances outside of my control, my contracted ended a little bit ago. 
I’m enjoying my time with Stella and figuring out what to do. I’m in the process of getting into a new routine so bare with me. I will figure something else out! Which leads me to the rest of today’s post!


Last month Kelly and I introduced you to our newest link-up Blogger Friend Diaries! Here is a little recap. 
The second Wednesday of the month here and at Love, Kelly Lorene your real life bestie, cousin, sister, neighbor anyone who knows you the best gets to give us all the  juicy details. 
The week before the link up goes live Kelly and I will post the questions. There will be 3-5 questions for your bestie to answer. Our goal isn’t to break up friendships but to get to know the person behind the blog. These questions could be anything from how you met to what’s her biggest fear or more drama filled ones like what’s her worst quality. We know that you want to include your own commentary but please use your bestie’s exact answers. You don’t have to use the same friend every month. Or even one friend. We just want to get to know you!
Out next link-up will be Wednesday June 10th. Below are this month’s set of questions. 
1. | What is something they do that drives you crazy?
2.| Which movie/TV friendship are you?
3.| Who would you pick to play each of you in a movie about your friendship?
4. |What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
5.| What is her best quality?

We can’t wait to read what your bestie has to say about you! Come back next week and link up with us!