Update & Blogger Friend Diaries Questions

Memorial Day Weekend 2015: Oregon Coast

Hey Guys!
I’m back! I know it’s been a while since I have been here so it’s time for a quick update. 

I started a short term work contract back in April. It was suppose to lead to full time but instead I’m currently unemployed. For circumstances outside of my control, my contracted ended a little bit ago. 
I’m enjoying my time with Stella and figuring out what to do. I’m in the process of getting into a new routine so bare with me. I will figure something else out! Which leads me to the rest of today’s post!


Last month Kelly and I introduced you to our newest link-up Blogger Friend Diaries! Here is a little recap. 
The second Wednesday of the month here and at Love, Kelly Lorene your real life bestie, cousin, sister, neighbor anyone who knows you the best gets to give us all the  juicy details. 
The week before the link up goes live Kelly and I will post the questions. There will be 3-5 questions for your bestie to answer. Our goal isn’t to break up friendships but to get to know the person behind the blog. These questions could be anything from how you met to what’s her biggest fear or more drama filled ones like what’s her worst quality. We know that you want to include your own commentary but please use your bestie’s exact answers. You don’t have to use the same friend every month. Or even one friend. We just want to get to know you!
Out next link-up will be Wednesday June 10th. Below are this month’s set of questions. 
1. | What is something they do that drives you crazy?
2.| Which movie/TV friendship are you?
3.| Who would you pick to play each of you in a movie about your friendship?
4. |What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
5.| What is her best quality?

We can’t wait to read what your bestie has to say about you! Come back next week and link up with us!



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