Infertility and marriage

Children have always been a dream of mine. Until recently, I always thought that getting pregnant was easy. Heck girls in high school are doing, so it must be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong.
My husband and I have suffered three miscarriages on our way to becoming parents. Nothing has tested our marriage like those three miscarriages. Below are 5 lessons/points that helped us fight those storms.

1.) Support each other – You are going through this together. You are not alone. Lean on each other when you are sad.

2.) Talk about it – The biggest struggle that I had was opening up to my husband. Once I was able to put the words together and discuss it with him, I learned that he was feeling the same way. Talking is golden in these situations. This way you are not bottling everything up.

3.) Always remember that you love each other– It may seem so simple but msometimes it was tough to comprehend.

4.) Trust that a baby will happen – There are so many ways for someone to get pregnant or to have kids that you must trust something will happen.

5.) It’s okay to be emotional – This is a very emotional time and its okay to let that emotion out. There are moments where you feel perfectly fine and then the next minute you are in a depressed mood. It is all completely normal to feel this way.

Hope this gave you some insight into marriage and dealing with miscarriages. 

Until next time