30 before 30

30 things to achieve before I turn 30

  1. Go on a cruse

  2. See a concert in Vegas

  3. Attend a championship game for either the Seahawks or Sounders

  4. Start a family

  5. Attend 5 plays in a year

  6. Visit all 50 States

  7. Male an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself

  8. Add another bathroom

  9. Attend some sort of non-work conference or convention

  10. Run a 5K

  11. Start a pen pal relationship

  12. Take yearly family photos

  13. Travel to another country

  14. Read all the books on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenege

  15. Pay off all of my credit cards

  16. Pay off the loan on my car

  17. Get a job that I love

  18. Complete a 365 days photo challenge

  19. Organize and go on a non-bachelorette girl’s weekend.


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