Friday iPhone Dump

Happy Friday Ya’ll!
Kelly and I are heading to Shania Twain tonight! Hope everyone has a good weekend! A few pictures to get everyone excited for the weekend! Time for a little iPhone dump from the last week or so! 

 I think Stella is the most excited that I am home. I woke up the other morning to this cute face. 
Sometimes at a Sounders game, you need to spray paint your hair. 
Our best friends joined us for the Sounders game. 
This is my picture of us. My college roommate and her six year old son. 
When you are in a lighthouse, you must take a selfie. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Pictures that I should share

Happy Friday!!!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. It’s been a busy weird week.

I was backing up my phone last night when I realized that I should share some of this random pictures! Enjoy!


Top Left: Stella loves cuddling with me when we are going for a ride

Bottom Left: Halloween Weekend. My roomie’s son, Stella and the Hubs!

Bottom Right: Coaching!

Top Right: The sunset the other day when I was coming home.


Top Left: My girls got to meet the Sounders player last weekend!

Bottom Left: My sister and I at the Sounders playoff game on Monday!

Bottom Right: Cuddle time at our house

Top Left: Stella wanted to help me with the laundry.

– Jennifer

Friday iPhone Dump

Hello Loves!

My life has been crazy busy lately. Here is what I have been up too.


(From Top Left to Bottom Right)

1: Stella believed that the USA could win. What you don’t see in that picture is her treat box. She would not go near the pad of paper so I bribed her.

2: Since most of the World Cup games were on during work hours I figured out how to multi-task. Two games on at a time and work, no problem.

3: We were literally right next to the field a couple of weeks ago at the Sounders game. We could touch the players.

4: There are no words for this picture. We were stuck in the car for three hours.


1: Stella really doesn’t like the Timbers. She chewed that ball up.

2: My little cousin graduated from high school. Crazy. I remember when he was born.

3: Saturday morning cuddles with my pup. She was so tired.

4: Right after we won in overtime!

Happy Friday!

– Jennifer