Local Flavor Swap Show Off

 Hi Gals!
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Please forgive me. There is a lot going on. I will be back soon. 
Today’s post is all about my local flavor swap that was hosted by CG Swaps.
I got partnered with the lovely Kristen from The Book Monsters. She is wonderful. Everyone needs to go check out her blog! Read on to see what she got me. 

I already have this bag in my purse. Some of the stories around us make you pay for books. This was a great addition to my purse.

I am so excited to dive into this book!
A picture of all the goodies. 

Thanks again Kristen for being a wonderful partner and to the ladies of CG for hosting another successful swap. 


The Local Flavor Swap

It’s been a while since I have done a swap and I’ve missed them so much. When I saw that my favorite ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps announced their local flavor swap, I knew it was time for me join the swap world again, I had such a great time with this swap last year that I was all too eager to sign up again. Read below for the all the sweet deets!

Your Swap Objective: 
Get to know your partner and send them a fantastic package of goodies that are local to your city/state/region. This can include things your area is known for, goods from local artists/authors/makers/musicians, etc.

Your package must
  • Include items your partner would like, based on their preferences.
  • Contain at least 5 items in total, related to the swap theme.
  • Cost $20-$30 before shipping, to ensure relative value between partners
Important Dates to Remember:
  • Sign-ups Open: Monday, June 29th.
  • Sign-ups Close: Monday, July 6th.
  • Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, July 7th.
  • Partners Assigned by: Wednesday, July 8th.
  • Packages Ship: on or by Saturday, July 25th.
  • Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, July 29th.
Local Flavor Swap Rules:
  • After being accepted, you must post on your blog saying you’re participating.  Post must include the button/link back to the sign-ups and must be posted within 3 days of signing up.
  • You must respond to host’s and partner’s emails in a timely fashion.
  • Packages MUST be mailed on or before Saturday, July 25th. (if you have any problem please contact hosts and partner immediately.) 
  • All packages REQUIRE tracking when shipped.  This tracking number must be emailed to your partner and to Chaotic Goddess Swaps when your package is sent out.
  • Flaking wont be tolerated.  If you sign up for the swap you are making a commitment to participate and follow through. Flakers will automatically be added to our Blacklist, which is shared among other swap hosts at our discretion.
  • After receiving your package, you must post about it on your blog and link up with the show-off linky when it is open.  This is non-negotiable. If you also share your reveal on social media, please use the hashtags #LocalFlavorSwap and #CGSwaps so we can see what goodies you got!

Books N Blogger Goodies

Hey guys! I’m alive, just barely. My new job has been taking a toll on me. I think I have finally got into a new schedule. Thanks for bearing with me! 
Today’s post is my Books N Blogger show off.  The wonderful ladies over at CG Swaps hosted their thrice-yearly book swap. 
I got partnered with Kristen over at Pretty Little Pages.  Kristen and I have started to become blogging besties. When I saw she was my partner, I was ecstatic. She is such a wonderful person! Go check out her page. Now let’s see what she got me!
Here is the package when it got to my door. I love the fact that she used some special tape. 




All my goodies, wrapped  up so pretty. 


All my news goodies. I have been reading Dead Until Dark like crazy. 

Thank you Kristen for my amazing package! 
Thank you Beth and Angie for another successful swap. 
– Jennifer

Books and Bloggers Swap







Calling all book lovers!

The next round of CG Swaps‘ Books & Bloggers sign-ups are here! And if you are a book lover, then you need to sign up. Here is what it entails. 

Your Swap Objective: 

Get to know your fellow book-loving partner and send them a fantastic bookish package.  

Your package must include: 
  • A book from your partner’s wishlist.
  • A book you have read and loved.
  • A book you haven’t read, but think looks interesting. (Can also be on their wishlist.)
  • Optional* Other book-related goodies.  
Important Dates to Remember:
  • Sign-ups Open: Monday, March 30th.
  • Sign-ups Close: Monday, April 6th.
  • Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, April 7th.
  • Partners Assigned by: Wednesday, April 8th.
  • Packages Ship: on or by Saturday, April 18th.
  • Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, April 22nd.

Mug O’ Comfort Swap

The wonderful ladies at Chaotic Goddess Swaps hosted their latest swap; The Mug O’ Comfort Swap. I got partnered with Lara. She is such a sweetheart. She spoiled me. Here is what she got me!

She knew that I am constantly traveling so she got me a travel mug! That has already come in handle! It’s sitting on my desk as we speak!

Thanks again Lara for my wonderful gift and the ladies at CG Swaps for hosting!

Mug O’ Comfort


Yahoo! Another Swap from the wonderful ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This swap couldn’t come at a more perfect time. The weather is getting colder so I’m in need of a good mug. Here are the details, in case you want to sign up, which you really should.

Your Swap Objective:

Get to know your fantastic partner and send them an awesome package that has a mug and other mug-related goodies.  Goodies can include things like treats, cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.

Dates to Remember: 

  • Sign-Ups Start: Monday, February 9th.

  • Sign-Ups End: Monday, February 16th.

  • Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, February 17th.

  • Partners Assigned: Wednesday, February 18th.

  • Packages Ship: by or on Saturday, March 7th.

  • Show-Off Link Opens: Wednesday, March 11th.

Books N Blogger Swap

It’s time for the first swap of the year. And it’s a good one too.

The wonderful ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps are doing their first Books & Bloggers Swap. This year they are going to do it three times! Oooh I can’t wait.

Here are all the details if you want to sign up.

The objective:

Send your partner THREE books:

  1. A book you love

  2. A book you haven’t read but are interested in

  3. A book from your partner’s wish list

Important dates to Remember:

  • Sign-Ups Start:  Monday, January 5th at 12AM

  • Sign-Ups End: Monday, January 12th at 11:59PM

  • First Post MUST be Posted within 3 days of receiving acceptance email: (latest possible is Monday, January 12th by noon)

  • Partners assigned: Wednesday, January 14th

  • Packages Shipped: on or before Saturday, January 24th

  • Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, January 28th

  • Show-Off Linky Closes: Friday, February 13th

*Copied from the CGSwaps website*


Go sign up here!

Holiday swaps!

Hello Loves!

I’m back from my little break to tell you about some of the swaps I did this holiday season. There are a few so let’s get started.

12 days of Christmas Swap

The lovely ladies over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps hosted the 12 days of Christmas Swap. I got partnered with Sydney! She is a such a sweetheart. I loved getting to know her. As you can tell I got some pretty awesome stuff!

There are some candles, a keychain, a pretty awesome mug, socks, dip mix, and other little stuff.

Everyone go check out Sydney!


Merry and Bright Gift Swap

Bailey over at Brave Love hosted the merry and bright gift swap. I was partnered with Michelle over at Glitter Stitch Studio. She sent me some pretty cute stuff.

Not pictured are some cake decoration things and party bags.

Thanks Michelle!


Holiday Card Swap

The Sequin Notebook ladies hosted a holiday card swap. This swap was so different and unique. The wonderful Biana sent me this sparkly card.


The Broke and the Bookish Secret Santa

One of my favorite blogs (the broke and the bookish) hosted their annual secret santa. This year, I actually received my book instead of having someone steal it off my porch. As you can tell, my secret santa knows me so well.


Color Swap 2014


Swaps have become one of my favorite things to participate in. It allows me the chance to get to know another blogger on a more personal level. This holiday season I’ve participated in a few. Here is the latest one.

The Color Swap with Melissa over at Two Miracles

The goal: To get at least 5 items in your partner’s favorite color!

I got partnered with Stephanie! Since I have about four favorite colors, we decieded that purple was going to be the one.

Here are the wonderful gifts Stephanie sent me!


This was the penguin she drew on my card! I loved it!


Top Left: Everything all wrapped up

Top Right: Everything unwrapped.

Bottom Right: Some close ups

Bottom Left: The coolest snow globe ever! It’s still on my desk now!

Thank you so much Melissa for hosting and Stephanie for everything!

– Jennifer