5 (on Friday) reasons the U.S. WNT will win the World Cup

Happy Friday Everyone!
This Friday has extra meaning to me. The time has finally come for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Sunday at 4pm, the US Women’s national time will be taking on Japan to bring home the gold. I have been waiting for this moment for four yeatrs. 
For this week’s Five on Friday, here are my five reasons that the US Women will be hoisting that trophy. 
*All the pictures will show you how much this means to me*

When we went to Vancouver to watch the World Cup live!

We have a score to settle..
The last time that the US Women held the trophy was 16 years ago. Four years ago, we were so close that we taste the victory. In the wildness of soccer, one moment changed the course, and we ended up leaving with our Silver medals. It’s time for US to be the best.

My homemade shirt! 

Our fan base is incredible.
Women’s soccer is becoming wildly popular. Since the world cup is in Canada this year, it’s almost a home field advantage for the US. Those 23 women out on the field are playing for our country.  We are selling out stadiums left and right. This fan base deserves the gold. 

Stella has World Cup spirit. 

Defense wins Championships.
And our defense is into to win it. They have gone 500+ minutes without giving up a goal. That is impressive. Our defense is solid. 


We have Hope…
Hope Solo that is. Our keeper has been fantastic. Regardless of all  her off field drama, when the time comes, she pushes it aside and performs. She has kept us in this tournament. I might be biased a little though, cause she is a Washington Native. 


Because I want them to!
At the end of the day, if you want something so bad, it ends up happening. I believe that we will win. That’s good enough reason for me. 

*Photo taken from US Soccer*

This Sunday, if you are looking for something exciting to watch, turn on Fox and watch the Women’s World Cup final. You know I will be. 

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2024 || #blogtober day 8


Dear 2024 Jennifer:
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just because husband spends 80+ hours a week during Tax Season working doesn’t mean you get to fight. You get to spend that time bonding with the kids. Plus it gives you that freedom to do whatever you want.
Treasure life’s little moments. You and the hubs are getting older and the kids are growing up way too fast. Before you know it they will be off at college, getting married and having kids of their own. Treasure the moments they want to spend with you.
Romance isn’t dead. Just because you guys have been married for 13 years now doesn’t mean you need to let the romance faded. Treat every day like it’s the first day you met. Sneak Kisses and hugs whenever you can.  He loves it when you cook and clean. You love it when he brings home random goodies for you. Like your sweet tea or PEPSI that you are still obsessed with.
Travel whenever you can. You guys always talked about seeing the world. So far it’s been nice. Yearly camping trips, one big adventure somewhere in the United States but take the time to see the world. Take the kids with you. Memories will be made.
Don’t worry about your job. It may be exactly what you want but it gives you freedom. You have the freedom to coach, blog, travel and attend events for the kids.
Soccer is still just as important to you as it was 10 years ago. Granted your daughter would rather do cheerleading but soccer is still there for you to share. You are coaching your son’s team for the first team. Try not to be that coach.
Lastly, always remember to smile. Whenever you smile, it melts the hubs heart. A smile can last a lifetime.
Love Always,
2014 Jennifer


This is a part of the #Blogtober2014 series with Taylor and Helene. Today’s prompt is:
Day 8. Letter To Yourself in 10 Years

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